Ramon Conde (1991)

Monument to Work

Monument to Work

Monument al trabajo (Los rederos)- Ramón Conde. (1991). Gran Vía. Vigo.

Vigo: Ramon Conde (1991)

Ramón Conde born in Ourense the Dec. 18, 1951. He studied in the city until 1965 when he moved to Gijón where he studied business at the University of that city. In 1969 returned to Ourense where she completed her high school studies. In 1971 he joined the Faculty of Arts in Santiago.

In 1973 living in Madrid frequenting foundries and workshops of various artists. Since 1974 lives again in Ourense where slowly develops his artistic language. In 1986 he moved to A Coruña where he lived until 1991 and has a studio in Arteixo Sabón polygon. In these years he made his first public works and begins its international exhibitions with participation in Paris.

In 1991 his work opens seiners in the Gran Via de Vigo. In that same year, lives in Houston invited by the Rector of the University of Houston Downtown as a visiting professor. Lives in the city until 1992. In this year held an exhibition at the Expo fairgrounds of Seville, and the following year made a long stay in Monterrey, Mexico. In 1993 he moved to Vigo and has his studio in San Andres de Comesaña where he lived until 1999.

In that year he moved to Padrón resides and has her studio until 2003. In this year he made his first exhibitions in Germany (Hannover and Berlin Galerie Kommunale). In 2005 he held an exhibition in the streets and outside the building of the City of Ourense. Presently living in Santiago, taking their study in Milladoiro, near Santiago.