Fountains of Vigo (s. XVII-XVIII)

Vigo: Fountains of Vigo (s. XVII-XVIII)

In 1840, the doctor and chronicler of Vigo Taboada Nicolas Leal stated:

"Within the city of Vigo's 4 power pretty stream, but only two of these located soon known by the names of Neptune and Angelfish are drinking water, and although the two are so immediate that one of the following seem another, but the water of the second is less Freca and pleasing than the first (Neptune). "

The Neptune Fountain

The first reference to its existence is centered early seventeenth century during the reign of Philip II. In 1719 it was restored in the reign of Philip V. In 1809 he was temporarily blinded during the War of Independence, to hinder what mayormente possible stay of the French in the city.

In 1861 approving the demolition of the wall to allow expansion Vigo. And those works expansion affect the source with its demolition. The source was comprised of a large sculpture of Neptune and a coat of Vigo and a plaque commemorating their restoration.

Today we can see the sculpture of Neptune and the shield and the plate in the gardens of the Museum-Quiñones de León. This is therefore one of the city's public sculptures oldest.

The source of the angel

The source of the angel is restored and rebuilt in the current Princess Square in the center of Vigo.On top of that we can see the angel fountain he saw French troops passing through the city.

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