Francisco Leiro (1986-1992)

El Sireno

El Sireno

El Sireno - Francisco Leiro. (1991). Puerta del Sol. Vigo

Vigo: Francisco Leiro (1986-1992)

Born in Cambados (Pontevedra), in 1957. Learn the size of the stone in the School of Arts and Crafts in Santiago de Compostela and continuous training in drawing and modeling at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid.

The extensive work of Francisco Leiro is considered from the eighties one of the most representative of Spanish sculpture.

Coinciding with their group Foga, in the seventies through surreal stage. Leiro belongs to the generation of artists renewing Galician disclosed in the various editions of "Atlantic", among which are also Menchu ??Lamas, and Anton Anton Lamazares Patiño, among others.

In his sculptures have used all kinds of materials: painted wood or natural materials incorporated wires, concrete, granite, marble, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.. Lately uses mostly wood of various types using its color characteristics.

Family of artisans, begins in the office of the hand of his father, a stonemason. Meet wood, iron and granite in the country.

Exhibits for the first time in his hometown in 1975. His work surprises, irritates, interested, enthusiastic and passionate. The next year in Madrid and also appears in Atlantic; toured Spain and signs of Arco in Madrid have him since 1986.

His work is haunting Europe and America, reaching Australia. U.S. surprising, particularly in Chicago, Ohio and Nova York. Leiro is an international phenomenon.

His work appears in public places eat RENFE Station of Vigo, in the Secondary School Lane, Pontevedra, and the city of Vigo.

His work is in museums of modern art all-or world. Large collections and public institutions are fighting their works. The artist himself often referred to some of her "stuff", because in a way are indefinable. The trunks of oaks and chestnuts of Galicia are the materials that best expresses.

To Leiro worth the expression attributed to Michelangelo's sculpture of the block take what's left over. A machadazos, a knife, a serrated, the art works to give its peculiar tragic or ironic vision of life. Mutilations, drowned faces, scream torn, humanities cyclopean humanized constructs and concepts.

The Sireno (1991)

Amid the Puerta del Sol and raised on two columns of polished black granite over 13 meters high, stands on a metal wave with the curious sight Sireno be oriented towards the sea.

It is the first European sculpture was made of stainless steel.Sculpture issue that excites and irritates, but over time has become a symbol of the city.

Other Sculptures in Vigo Leiro

"Bathers areal no" or "Swimmers", as they are known by Vigo, is a set of two large sculptures. A station with boats passages in the port and the other in the Plaza de la Princesa. The first, large, consists of a torso of a swimmer swimming in a large wrought iron and reinforced concrete arch. In the square of the bather Princess transmits motion with his arm that seems to emerge from the water while swimming.

We can see more sculptures Leiro in the Train Station, in University City, on the facade of a building next to Marco Museum, and at the entrance of the Verbum.

We can also see more works in the Museum Leiro Quiñones de León and Caixanova Collection.