Francisco Asorey (1920)

Vigo: Francisco Asorey (1920)

Asorey Francisco González (Cambados 1889 - Santiago 1961), one of the most important sculptors of Galicia. He studied at Barcelona gaining initial academic-leaning traditional Spanish Baroque imagery. Still able to evolve in time can be found in his work Expressionism dyes, simplicity, schematic and until the beginning of cubism and postcubism.

Receive orders for civil monuments, funerary sculpture and portraits, which highlights the psychological study of the visual arts heritage Rodin.

One of the last works of the author is La Piedad (1944) designed the Pantheon of Illustrious Gallegos Buenos Aires where the world takes Romanesque and primitivist accents of his early works. In this period interspersed commemorative sculptures engagements where his style is tinged accent bombastic and monumental as the taste of the time.

Asorey Francisco died in Santiago de Compostela on July 4, 1961.

Monument Garcia Barbon (1929)

The monument is made of granite and bronze and was opened in 1927 in Garcia Barbon Street just down Alfonso XIII. Later he would move to the square of Isaac Peral.

The city of Vigo owes much to Jose Garcia Barbon Sola (1831-1909), for after his return from Cuba with a fortune made generous donations as the public library, the School of Arts and Crafts, and the Teatro Garcia Barbon (today Caixanova Cultural Center).

Monument to Eduardo Cabello (1928)

It is uncertain authorship. But is attributed to the sculptor Asorey. Inaugurated in 1928, is made entirely of granite. The honoree Eduardo Cabello was chief engineer of the Board of the Port in 1909. His work on the port was so important that he became the adopted son of the city.

Family Funerary Monument of Gil Sarabia

This work is of great expressiveness Asorey. It represents the time of death embracing from behind, so treacherous, takes the first of the daughters of Joseph Gil y Gil, the beautiful daughter Maria Gil Sarabia.

Later he lost his remaining two daughters and this time the sculptor who did Camilo Nogueira on the memorial plaque.