Simposium of abstract sculpture (1999)

Vigo: Simposium of abstract sculpture (1999)

As momentum for renewal and recovery of Monte Alba appeared in 1999 the first International Sculpture Symposium in Monte Alba, under the "Art and Nature" organized by the Community Forestry Valladares (Vigo).

This symposium presents the integration of artistic work with the landscape and environment, respecting the natural beauty in which it operates. The ensemble Monte Alba - Monte Cepudo offers a beautiful view of the whole town of Vigo, the Ria de Vigo, the Cies Islands, islands of Ons and part of the Rias Baixas.

They met eleven artists, national and foreign, accompanied by some art students.

Antero Joao

Sculpture "Organic Porta" made of pink granite and black Porriño Lameiro Field.

Born in Ovar (Portugal) in 1949 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto. He has made several solo exhibitions, participated in over 90 group exhibitions and biennials and international symposia.

He has won several international awards and currently teaches at the School of Technology, Art and Design in Caldas da Rainha and Art Center of S. Joao Da Madeira (Portugal).

Maria Branea

Sculpture "Pyramid of Time" made of granite 194x106x233cm Alba.

Born in Romania and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bucharest. Member of the Artists Union of Romania, Soros Center for Contemporary Art and the Art Foundation Dominus Z.

He has symposiums and exhibitions in several European countries and is represented in private collections worldwide.

Igor Brown

Sculpture "Crossing Step" in granite gray Couso of 230x130x103cm

Born in 1955 in Lvov (Ukraine) and graduated from the Art Academy in Lvov and Monumental Art Institute of Charcov (Russia). Specialized in stone carving, lives and works in Tel Aviv (Israel) since 1990.

It has a great curriculum with solo exhibitions, collective and symposia.

Remigio Fernandez Davila

Sculpture "Metamorphoses" made of granite Villagarcía of 210x35x500cm.

Born in Vigo in 1951 and in 1964 began studying Arts. Since 1975 he teaches painting, drawing and modeling stone carving in the School of Arts of Vigo.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions, fairs and biennials throughout Spain and Portugal.

Francisco Javier Fernandez Dobao

Sculpture "Nature and Culture" in Pink Porrino granite of 120x51x265cm

Born in Barcelona in 1973, Javier Dobao grows and spends his adolescence surrounded by sculptures, watching his father work, Pedro Dobao, from his studio in Barcelona until current study in Vigo.

In 1993 he joined the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Vigo. Participated in exhibitions and currently works as a professor of Plastic and Visual Education.

Maria Assunta Karini

Sculpture "Offering" Rosa Porrino granite of 111x70x360cm.

Born in Piacenza. In 1973 he began studying art at Piacenza and Parma (Italy). In 1980 he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and later specializing in monumental sculpture. In 1990 he graduated from the Colombian Academy of History of Bogotá.

We can find his works in Italy, USA, France, Israel and South America.

Eduardo Lopez Coira

Sculpture "Solar Receptacle" Rosa Porrino granite of 335x140x260cm.

Born in Madrid in 1950 studying at the London School of Ceramics, School of Arts and Crafts in Madrid and Sandro Bufa Collective Workshop in Cagliari (Italy).

We can find his art in Italy, Latin America and Spain.

Ana Olano Sans

Sculpture "Route 1999" in white granite 142x105x130cm

Born in 1969 and graduated from the Fine Arts Facultas Madrid specializing in sculpture. He has worked in teaching tasks in Madrid and Brazil.

A recipient of several awards in painting and sculpture and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions.

Moshe Perelman

Sculpture "Sea Pebbles" wild 110x66x210cm granite.

Born in 1946 he studied art for four years at the University of Haifa. Member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors of Israel since 1984, has participated in many exhibitions in Israel.