House of basketmaker

Basketmaket workshop

Basketmaket workshop

Basketmaket workshop

Vigo: House of basketmaker


A casa do Cesteiro is an initiative coordinated by the Center for Traditional Crafts. Both services are attached to the Heritage Service of the City of Vigo. He began his work in 1999, under the European URBAN program in order to recover the diversity of these pieces, techniques and forms and return them to our daily lives.

The importance of reaching our city basketry attests Cesteiros Street.

Enhancing the product along with their craft and their environment that enriches draws a frame making them unique pieces and evoking in us emotions and memories. So the new basket makers are able to defend themselves economically in a market still untapped demand authentic flavored pieces.


- The work of this center covers all aspects needed to rebuild the commercial fabric that supported the occupation of basketmaker. Actions in the field of production of raw materials, recovery of parts and techniques, training and promotion of the profession make their programming.

- The field work and research conducted by the center make Casa do Cesteiro on the axis of transmission of knowledge between the past and the new generation basketmakers. Formed in the main traditional techniques of our community, students of A Casa do Cesteiro are the recipients of all the secrets of the trade.


A casa do cesteiro
Real Rua # 10
36202 Vigo
Tel: 986 22 40 03
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