Sacred music cycle 2006

La Colombina

La Colombina

La Colombina. Ciclo de Música Sacra 2006 - Iglesia de María Auxiliadora

Capilla Peñaflorida

Capilla Peñaflorida

Capilla Peñaflorida. Ciclo de Música Sacra 2006 - Iglesia de María Auxiliadora

Grupo de Música Antiga 'Martín Códax'

Grupo de Música Antiga 'Martín Códax'

Grupo de Música Antiga 'Martín Códax'. Ciclo de Música Sacra 2006 - Iglesia de María Auxiliadora

Esemble Vigo 430

Esemble Vigo 430

Esemble Vigo 430. Ciclo de Música Sacra 2006 - Iglesia de María Auxiliadora

Vigo: Sacred music cycle 2006

The Sacred Music Series 2006 has the title "Mystical Encounters"


The road of four singers, famous soloists, folded in different productions. Madrigal in the soul and, above all, good friends, are La Colombina, a name chosen in honor of the famous music compilation fifteenth century preserved in the Biblioteca Colombina in Seville. Is devoted to the music of Renacemento and Early Baroque, both religious and secular, usually a cappella, accompanied by instruments but when the list is required. While the list of favorite group is the Hispanic, do not give up some "travel" to music from France or Italy. Besides regulating an activity record, La Colombina performed concerts in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, Colombia, USA, etc.

Sacred Music "Capilla Peñaflorida"

Capilla Peñaflorida was founded in 1985 by Jon Bagüés musicologist initiative to coincide with the bicentenary of the death of Mary of Munibe Xabier, Count of Peñaflorida, promoter of musical enlightenment in the Basque Country. Jose Rada was its first director and which formed in the interpretation of early music group. In the even years, the first hearing is salientable contemporary Mass in D by Domenico Scarlatti.

He played monographs dedicated to composers: Joseph Torres, Juan García de Salazar, Mateo Albéniz, among others.With transcricións own, presented works of authors such as José de Baquedano, Arizmende Fermin, Antonio Soler.

Participated Festivale and participates in numerous national and international prestige: Fortnight Donostiarra, Festival of Granada, Cuenca Religious Week, Utrecht, Antwerp, Sajazarra, Daroca, Úbeda, Baeza, etc, collaborating with musicians of the caliber of James Bowman, Banchetto Musicale Eduardo Lopez Escalon, Fabio Biondi and Christophe Coi. With the latter and the Ensemble Baroque de Limoxes recorded Baroque zarzuela Jose Fog Wind.

Early Music Group "Martin Codax"

The Early Music group "Martin Codax" brings over ten years dedicated to the study and interpretation of written music from the Middle Ages to the Renacemento, especially the XII, XIII and XIV. The group's name pays homage to one of the most important representatives of the Galician Portuguese lyric, the troubadour Martín Codax Vigo, with its seven cantigas part of the group list poe interpreted.

The group gave concerts in many cycles and festivals, both in Galicia and in the rest of Europe, including the Festival Interceltic Cangas, Early Music Cycle in the streets of Compostela, the Early Music Festival Palma de Mallorca, The Auditorio Nacional de Madrid, Instituto Cervantes Roma.En 2000 collaborates with the bagpiper Carlos Nunez in a project to recreate medieval music with instruments Portico of Glory and collaborates with publishers and Galician Galaxy General in disseminating medieval literature.Martin Codax has also sponsored by the Galician company Bodegas Martin Codax SA, engaged in an intense advocacy and dissemination of medieval Galician Portuguese culture.

Performance "ENSEMBLE VIGO 430"

Born in Seville, Alejandro Garrido began his musical studies in this city continuing at the National Conservatory of Paris under the direction of Bruno Pasquier and Christophe Coin, where to get the first prize of viola in 1998.

430 Vigo Ensemble was created in January 2005. In its short existence and won more acclaim for the originality of interpretations and care of the style of each author. In its extensive list are works ranging from the Baroque to the present.