Para vigo me voy 2005

Bebe and 'El tío calambres'

Bebe and 'El tío calambres'

'Bebe', El Tío Calambres' and 'El Combo Linga'. Auditorium of Castrelos. Music Festival 'Para Vigo me voy' (Spain)



Djavan. Auditorium of Castrelos. Music Festival 'Para Vigo me voy' (Spain)

Café Tacvba

Café Tacvba

Café Tacvba. Auditorium of Castrelos. Music Festival 'Para Vigo me voy' (Spain)

Habana Blues Band

Habana Blues Band

Habana Blues. Auditorium of Castrelos. Music Festival 'Para Vigo me voy' (Spain)

Vigo: Para vigo me voy 2005

Every year in summer in the program of the Festival of Christ's Victory Vigo addition Latino Festival "I'm going to Vigo" are held in the Auditorium of Castrelos a series of outdoor concerts.

Concerts 2005:


Over two generations apart, but close to one passion: music. G MEN and THE WONDER STUFF, share the stage to enjoy the public and show the chemical that binds them. A powerful and promising mix that will not leave indifferent fans of both groups.

Collaborations between WONDER STUFF MEN and G were abundant in recent months and the rapport between the two parties seems perfect. The musical maturity and biography exitorsa Hombres G, mixed with youth and immediate access to the highest public recognition that in recent years scored WONDER STUFF.

"The Prodigy" and "DELUXE"

DELUXE will be responsible for opening for PRODIGY. DELUXE is Xoel and Xoel is DELUXE. Defined as the personal project of a musician full of imagination where the full songs, composed and played in mostly.

The three current members of PRODIGY alternate their work in the group with other solo projects. The components are: Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim.

The first two LPs, 'THE EXPERIENCE' and 'Music For The Jilted Generation', enshrined within the rave scene alive and rebel, fighting for their freedom, and THE PRODIGY saw his flagship. 'THE FAT OF THE LAND' was his last LP, which launched worldwide success with songs like 'FIRESTARTER' or 'Smack My Bitch Up'. Since then Liam Howlett, brain of the group, has given more priority to direct to recording new albums.

Rosendo and PADRE JONY

ROSENDO is one of those fireproof Spanish musicians with a history of the next 30 years, beginning his career with the band Nu, one of the most important Spanish rock scene.

The latest work ROSENDO "BAD ES.NI realize" It went on sale in late May. This album is a good reflection of the spirit of the artist, who not give up or be left fooled by illusions of fame and business, remains a stubborn and strong example of our country rockers.

Religion is not raffled to the music, at least that teaches the PADRE JONY. The priest JOAN ENRIC Reverte decided to merge their two vocations, priesthood and music and I got his first album, 'CAUSING THE PEACE', see the light.


They began as Eva and Juan, two musicians from Zaragoza they conquered their neighbors with letters kept, powerful guitars, a captivating voice and an amazing live.Three albums and several years later, Amaral became one of the most successful groups in Spain.

Amaral The two members met in the early 90s, in a small recording studio in Zaragoza where youth agreed that began in the music world.