Modern architecture (1960-2003)

Vigo: Modern architecture (1960-2003)

Since the late 50s and early 60s join the staff of architects Vigo a new batch of young architects who retake the modern movement begun in the 30s with rationalism but off in the post-war period.

In Vigo new architects leave their mark as Jose Bar Boo, Fine Perez, Perez-Lorente, Yanez, Araujo. Introduce a fresh air in Vigo with new forms and combining nontraditional materials, making rational use of stone as used in previous decades.

In the late 60s and early 70s, there was a beginning to the international architecture. It will be a time of experimentation with new materials to the construction industry offers. This will lead to very different results and discussed

Industrial development of the 70 Coia is the internationalization of our architecture. Wrapped developmentalist optimism of the time, we are witnessing a construction system liberalization and compositional final which saw the fall (and to its current revival) mimetic regionalism and architecture flowered.

Missing the stone, is seeking unique expressiveness of materials such as concrete, brick, ceramics, aluminum or glass, moving from a supporting role to become real stars of an architecture inspired by the free block, wins free volume.

In the years 80-90 is consolidated in the new architecture by developing Vigo Street Rosalia de Castro.

Today, the city continues to grow, both in number of dwellings: the current PAU Navia in construction, cultural facilities: Verbum Museum, Maritime Museum, Museum MARCO., Education centers: new faculties and facilities on campus, and in leisure: the draft Open Vigo to Mar.

Architects representative

- Jose Bar Boo

- Perez Fine

- Pérez-Lorente


Website of the Association of Architects of Galicia - Delegation of Vigo - Committee on Culture


We present a walk through the city of Vigo through more than 40 buildings in the last decades of the twentieth century

Contemporary buildings
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In this section we will incorporate the latest in the city edificos contruidos Vigo. It will address the most important news from the architectural point of view.


This project is the landscape treatment that is shaping the entire meeting area citizen action 'Open Vigo to the sea' because the object is the treatment of 83,600 m2 which has the surface area from future Praza da Estrela until Berbés. The disappearance of the traffic and parking in the area has allowed Elduayen gardens increase their extension by 80%. The proposed renovation and new management Vigo Promenade was designed by architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra with the dual purpose of, on the one hand, promoting a new focus of activity to revitalize the central area of ??the maritime border and on the other, give All parts that are to be built in acting (tunnel, mall, etc. Xunta building.) An aesthetic link. This project has received the European award for Best Urban Design 1995 granting the Portuguese magazine architecture "Architecti".