Parks and Walks.

Farm "O Frendoal" in Aldan

Located in the heart of the parish of Aldan, the House had fine architectural structures and monumental. Until recently, being able to enjoy these places was about a small group, since it was a private property. This condition changed to pass the House of O Frendoal or _The Forest Encantado_, available to the City of Cangas, the recovered and renovated so it can be admired by locals and tourists.

In Históricos_ _Jardines can find fine examples of oak, chestnut, laurel, birch and some species introduced by former owners as the counts are spruce.

We can see the "O Frendoal Aqueduct high" or Arco de la Condesa. It was an old water pipeline running from a remote mine, located in the highest part of O Frendoal, until Pazo.

The current pipeline is medieval, but if we go back to its origin lies should be noted that in Roman times. This follows from the condition of their pipes that emptied into what is presumed were the old batteries from the salting, the Romans had in the basement of the current Aldán Tower.

Furthermore, within this environment we can not fail to mention, accessories with masonry structure, that we will find along the way: a small-scale castle moat and drawbridge, a croquet lawn, benches for rest and a walk lined with chestnut trees.

Signal Gardens

These gardens are