Monuments and sculptures.

Source of Santiago (XIX century)

Conducted by José Cerviño in 1890. It is a work with deep roots in the Galician Baroque inspiration and popular.

Sculptures Asorey

In Cangas mall we can see the monument to Soage Villarino. Data for 1925. This is the first public works Asorey performing. The sculpture consists of a large pedestal with Soage bust on top and in front of it a figure of a sailor in granite with bronze head and hands.

José Félix Soage Villarino was the son of fishermen who emigrated to America where he made a fortune he used to help the needy and his people with the construction of the Market Square (1925) and paying several works in the church of Santiago.

Pineiro Xoan Sculptures

Also in the mall are two sculptures of Xoan Piñeiro. A self-portrait and the beautiful sculpture "A volta do mar". The latter sculpture is the year 1952 and is made of granite. It may look like a sculpture is made of bronze Soutomaior Castle gardens. The work was carried out in Madrid with the intention of being donated to the town of Cangas by the author in token of gratitude for the aid received by the institution at the time of artistic training.

Galleon (Manuel Coia)

In the port of Cangas and on a rock a few meters from the sea rises a granite and bronze sculpture that has already become one of the symbols of Cangas.This sculpture consists of a mermaid in bronze atop a granite keel with a female figure and two small bronze dolphins on the sides.

Coia Manuel Franco was born in the parish of Hío canguesa in 1933, residing in Nerga where he has his home and workshop. We can see several sculptures of this magnificent Galician sculptor in the territory of Cangas and the Museum Quiñones de León de Vigo or interiors Verbum (Vigo).

Weather station

Weather Station of the century, popularly known as "O Reloxo".