Architecture and Monuments.

Votive do Mar

Fabulous Church by architect Antonio Palacios porriñés between 1932 and 1937. Some experts in this work are a nod to Gaudí. The Galician regionalism highlights style with use of the rough stone and made more sharply in the monastery of the Salesians Royals Vigo.

It has two large towers circular base and square. The large circular base tower as a beacon sailor is crowned by four guardian angels and a compass rose. It is a play worth seeing live.

Remains of Temple of Visigothic Panxón

Next to Temple Votivo do Mar are the remains of an ancient seventh century Visigothic church dedicated to Saint Pantaleon. The remaining part is the Gateway Arch.

Church of St. Mary of Nigrán

Eighteenth-century Baroque Church. It has a single tower on the facade.

Monument to the Universal Marina in Monte Ferro

Built in 1903 at the summit of Mount Monteferro. The monument was designed by architect Manuel Gómez Román Vigo.

It's a great granite monolith 25 meters high with four titles and a bronze sculpture of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of sailors, with the infant Jesus.

Bridge gives Ramallosa

Although it is called Roman bridge is actually the thirteenth century and was built by the Bishop of Tui.Also known as San Pedro Telmo Bridge.

Fully retains its medieval appearance despite its 1926 remodeling. This bridge retains a tradition or legend: Legend has it that women who could not have children asked the first man to pass over the bridge they vertiese river water on the belly. If accepted man became the godfather of the newborn child.