With its 2000 meters long, Ducks, is the largest beach Nigrán and one of the beaches most popular with surfers. It is located very close to the town of Vigo Monteferro just before. It is a beach of 35 meters wide with fine sand and clear.

It is a beach that has all kinds of visitor services. Bus line, parking, bars and restaurants, showers, security service and the Red Cross, walk and gardens, and area apartments that are rented throughout the year.


Over 1000 meters of beach along the promenade of Panxón running from the fishing port until American beach. While visiting this beach can be leveraged to meet the magnificent church of Antonio Palacios "Votive do mar" or the remains of a Visigothic arch.

One of the most important beaches in the municipality that has full amenities: showers, fountains, surveillance, information about tourism, restaurants and bars, parking, bus.

Playa America

Perhaps one of the most popular beaches along with Samil, southern Galicia. Over 1000 meters long and 30 meters wide. The shoreline promenade area with apartments, chalets and camping.

Like Panxón and Ducks is a beach with full facilities for vacationers: lookout, showers, parking, camping, restaurants,.

Madorra beaches, Fofa Area, Portocelo, Ribas and Canas Blancas

In addition to the large sandy beach America Panxón and Ducks. Nigrán has other smaller sandy beach as Madorra with the not inconsiderable length of 350 meters along the road from the beach with Panxón Ducks or small hidden sandy Monteferro skirts of lengths less than 100 meters : Area Fofa, Ribas Portocelo and White.

Next to the beach is the beach Patos de Cañas that is highly valued by surfers who visit throughout the year.