Moana Beaches.

Moaña has 20 km of coastline where you can enjoy beautiful beaches for all tastes: large, wild, small coves, deep water, etc..

A wide range of peaceful beaches, just separated by short cliffs and small fishing ports. They are particularly suitable for the characteristics of A and O Con Xunqueira

A Xunqueira Beach (Meira) is perhaps the best beach in the municipality for its easy access, promenade, fine sand and warm, calm waters. Also, has either a green area to disperse. Or Beach (Tiran) offers greater opening to the river and its waters are deeper.

From here you can see the best views of the river and the city of Vigo, and in the vicinity we can stop some of the terraces of the many catering establishments that offer tourists the best of your kitchen, or stroll through the old pier Con

Other beaches are of special interest to Borna (Meira), A Videira (Tiran), O Boy do Corvo (Tiran), O Canaval (Tiran), O Cocho (Meira) and O Porto and A Queixeira in Domaio.