Dolmen and gives Arquiña Mamoa Chan: Megalithic monument mortuary archaeological wealth, with more than 5,000 years old. The Mamoa is half buried, allowing us to see the entrance and inside. It is surrounded by a wooded area and playground, with chestnut, water, tables and areas for outdoor cooking.

A highly recommended because once there, with a small walk or drive, you can access the Lighthouse Monte Domaio peak, the highest viewpoint of the Morrazo Peninsula.

In addition, around Lake Castiñeiras is a large seating area with a small zoo included and which also has the viewpoint of Cotorredondo, from which you can see all the Vigo estuary and the island of San Simon.

To access this site, take the highway that is output Rande Bridge (Domaio) and climb to San Lorenzo, for once there continue to Chan gives Arquiña. You can also access this area by the road deviates from the PO-551 as it passes through Domaio, in a place called A Cerradiña. Two alternatives with great scenic interest.