Moaña has a rich cultural heritage and has many attractions from different historical moments. Among them stand out due to their characteristics, the following:

- Church of San Martino
- Dolmen and Chan gives Arquiña Mamoa
- The Manor of Rosal
- Church of St. John of Tiran

Other places of special interest are the church of Meira, Baroque, which also has a nice rectory and a cruise; Casal funerary pits, petroglyphs Meira and forts of As Cidades in Meira, Domaio Montealegre, Devesa do Mouro in Seara and Remedies in Tiran.

Church of San Martino

Important historic monument that has a XII century Romanesque tympanum, located in a neighborhood of traditional houses, some of them beautifully restored and preserved.

Although XII century, also has some elements of later times, as he suffered additions and alterations to the late seventeenth century in Baroque style.

To get here, take the road Moaña-Marín (PO-313) to the Puerta del Ciego, where you take the detour will Coiro - Cangas, and once there we must be attentive to the junction that points O Cruceiro , among the houses of the place of San Martino.

Pazo del Rosal

Mansion built in around 1640, when the site was established in the lineage of Saavedra.It is located in a strategic place, on a mound of 57 meters, near the rivers Barxas and Fraga Inferno and clearly dominating the environment and blending into the landscape predominantly granite and vegetation.

A civilian residence, symbol of social power more privileged class of the Galician countryside Modern Age, and also an important center of agricultural production on revolving own economic relations of the feudal regime.

San Juan Church of Tiran

Church of St. John of Tiran: Romanesque church, possibly the thirteenth century, since its decoration denotes a late period of transition to Gothic, which is reflected in the pointed arches of the cover.

The amazing thing about this monument is its location as it is located on a rocky cliff where bat sea. A place of great beauty overlooking the Ria de Vigo, in whose court is the tomb of the illustrious José María Castroviejo.Para pontevedrés access it just take the PO-551-Cangas Moaña direction and in the Tiran take the detour down to the church.