Inside Nigrán its three rivers, Minor, Muiños Mallon and form a group of hills and slopes are distributed labyrinth creating a rich geography, flora and fauna unique in that you can find acacia, chestnut oak, maple, ash, willows, reeds and all kinds of plants.

Monte Ferro Peninsula

Privileged where the Monument to the Universal Marina and from which you can enjoy magnificent views of the islands Wakes, and Bayonne Cies Islands

Wakes Islands

These islands are inhabited by colonies of gulls and cormorants and are really amazing underwater.

Fragments of a former Liberian ship sunk in its waters led to the creation of artificial reefs that have been colonocidados by crustaceans, molluscs, sea cucumbers, starfish and nudibranchs, as well as a lot of sponges that serve to protect banks pout, bass and other fish.

Marshes Miñor

At the mouth of the river Miñor in Bayonne border, we find a lagoon partially closed by the arrow form Laderira beach. In this area you can observe many waterbirds, an extensive marsh vegetation typical of a large area and shellfishing.


Nigrán Township has several hiking trails and perfectly studied and marked and which you can enjoy not only different mountain landscapes and large botanical and ecological interest by running, but also part of its human geography, archaeological remains, chapels, cruceiros, petroglyphs, rivers, mills and pools.