Invalides (French Hôtel des Invalides) is an imposing seventeenth century (1671-1676) located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris just 400 meters from the Military Academy and now houses the Army Museum.

The building was built by order of King Louis XIV of France for veterans disabled veterans who were homeless. The planes are Libéral Bruant, and construction was carried out by Jules Hardouin-Mansart.

It houses the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte, who were transferred to the island of St. Helena to Paris in 1840, at the initiative of King Louis Philippe. Since 1940 also contains the remains of his son, called King of Rome, his brother Joseph I of Spain, as well as those of several quarterbacks, including Lyautey, Foch and Leclerc [1].

The architectural highlights of the golden dome (the dome, Le Dome) of the chapel St. Louis (Saint Louis), that Louis XIV had built for private use of the king and as royal mausoleum, but subsequently failed to house the remains of any King of France.

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